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Postgraduates of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering Society


PhD StudentsSupervisors

Mohammed Alawi
Molecular Analysis of the Bacterial Community in Table Eggs

Dr. Wilf J Mitchell
Dr. Peter Morris

Boy van Basten
Design of Novel EPAC1 Inhibitors to Enhance Insulin Sensitivity in Vascular Endothelial Cells

Dr. Stephen Yarwood
Picture POBBBS Hanna Buist

Hanna Buist
Use of Affimer Technology to discriminate between Agonist- and Anatagonist-induced conformational changes in the Cyclic-nucleotide Binding Domain (CNBD) protein, EPAC1

Dr. Stephen Yarwood

Dean Crawford
The Microfluidic Biotech Group

Dr. Graeme Whyte
Aberto Di Bartolo-min

Alberto Di Bartolo
3D printed shape memory structures for biomedical applications

Dr. Ferry Melchels

Gail Foy
Development of New Protein Purification Strategies

Dr. Colin Rickman
Dr. Nik Willoughby

Suzanne Gillies
Label-free method for stem cell-derived red blood cells sorting

Dr. Helinor Johnston
guzniczak small

Ewa Guzniczak
Label-free method for stem cell-derived red blood cells sorting

Dr. Helen Bridle

Margaux Huismann
The colloidal and flavour chemistry of dry hopping beer

Dr. Dawn Maskell

Ieva Keraite
ctFRAC - Microfluidic devices to enrich tumour DNA biomarkers

Dr. Maïwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas

Ursula Luchowska

Dr. Stephen Yarwood

Evangelos Kanoulas
Microvessel mapping by tracking microbubbles in ultrasound imaging

Dr. Vassilis Sboros

Krystyna Maciaszek
Synthetic and Natural Layered Silicates toxicity testing

Prof. Vicki Stone
Dr. David Brown

Mario Álvarez-Martínez
Developing a microelectrode array to assess organoid health

Dr. Euan Brown
andrew mcCormak

Andrew McCormack
Designer matrices for bioprinting 3D tumour models for drug testing

Dr. Ferry Melchels

Kyriakos Michail
Electro-microfluidic platform for high throughput parallel neuronal arrays

Dr. Euan Brown

Allende Miguélez
Analysis of large conductance Ca2+-activated K+ (BK) channels dynamics in living cells

Prof. Rory Duncan
Dr. Euan Brown 

Alfredo Ongaro
Development of biodegradable microfluidic chips from Poly-lactic acid for clinical point-of-care applications

Dr. Maïwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas
Leagh POBBBS photo

Leagh Powell
Developing tools to screen the safety profile of polymer based nanomedicines

Dr. Helinor Johnston
Matthew Pauley

Matthew Pauley
Analysis of Gin Flavour

Dr. Annie Hill
Dr. Dawn Maskell

Kerr Samson
Development of a bio-polymer capsule for controlled burst delivery of vaccines

Dr. Ferry Melchels

Aduldatch Sailabaht
Extension of the Advance REACH Tool (ART) to include Metal Welding Fume Exposure

Prof. John Cherrie
Kai 1

Kai Skodzek
Laser trapping techniques to overcome limitations of 3D single-cell tomography

Dr. Graeme Whyte
Dr. Nick Leslie
Victor Ude-min

Victor C. Ude
Biochemical and molecular marker of nanomaterial toxicity to intestinal cells in vitro

Dr. Helinor Johnston
vaidya small

Ameya Vaidya
Microfluidics for Waterborne Pathogen Detection

Dr. Helen Bridle

Beatriz Vale
Observing the molecular machinery of exocytosis

Dr. Colin Rickman

Robyn White
Extracellular polysaccharide production in streptococcus strains

Dr. Nik Willoughby

 Vasiliki Voul

Vasiliki Voulgaridou
Ultrasound response to tumour induced angiogenesis

 Dr. Vassilis Sboros