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2014-current: PhD in Nano safety, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh,UK
2011-2014: Discovery Scientist, Charles River Research Center, Edinburgh, UK
2010-2011: Research, Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
2008-2010: M.Sc. in Biochemistry Research,Weill Cornell Medical College New York City, USA and National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
2004-2008: B.Sc (Hons.) Genetics, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland

There is increasing interest in the clinical exploitation of polymeric nanomaterials (NMs) as novel delivery agents for therapeutics and/or diagnostics. Ensuring polymer NM safety is paramount to their successful integration into the clinic. This study will assess the safety profile of polymeric nanomedicines using in vitro models (macrophages and hepatocytes). A key component of the study will be to obtain a better understanding of the cellular mode of action of the polymeric nanomedicines which can be used to identify novel, evidence based responses to assess the safety of nanomedicines in the future.
Leagh will be assessing the safety of a range of polymeric nanomaterials using in vitro models of the immune system and liver. The project is a collaboration between Heriot-Watt University, King's College London (Dr Lea Ann Dailey) and the University of Nottingham (Prof Cameron Alexander).
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Primary supervisor: Dr. Helinor Johnston

Research Project

Developing tools to screen the safety profile of polymer based nanomedicines

Selected Publications

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