Postgraduates of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering Society

Postgraduates of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and BioengineeringSociety

2017‐Present PhD in Biophysics, University of Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh, UK.
2016‐2017 MScR in Cardiovascular Biology, University of Edinburgh, UK
2012‐2013 MSc in Human Nutrition, University of Granada, Spain
2007‐2012 BSc in Pharmacy, University of Granada, Spain

Adria is a PhD student in Prof Rory Duncan´s research lab. His PhD aims to study the release of insulin at the level of intracellular granule pools in so-called β-Cells in situ within pancreatic islets, before and after transplant, using mouse models and human donor islets, combined with high-resolution 4-D microscopy and molecular biology. He is particularly interested in science outreach for general public.

Primary supervisor: Prof. Rory Duncan
Other: Colin Rickman, Shareen Forbes

Reseach Project:

Visualisation of the pancreatic islets.