Postgraduates of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering Society

Postgraduates of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and BioengineeringSociety

Research Projects

Our research projects are extremely varied but they are all geared towards the life science interface.

Research Areas
3D image processing and particle tracking in low contrast live-cell images
Rhodri Wilson
3D/4D Live Cell Printing
Alan Faulkner-Jones
A New Method for Detecting known components in Multi-level Raman Spectra
Yuewei Liu
Chemical and Optical Characterisation of Nanomaterials in Biological Systems
Zhen Qiu
Micromanipulation and microfluidic techniques for the improved isolation and culture of marine microorganisms
Anusha Keloth
Jochen Schuster
Microporous Media for scaffold creation
Atabak Ghanizadeh Tabriz
Microtechnologies for Clinical Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer
Paul Scanlan
Novel Cancer models: investigating mechanisms and treatment
Guilia Marzano
Optical Techniques for cell study
Will Ramsay
Particle tracking in 4D
Yi Yang
Protein recovery from Distilleries Co-products
Julio Traub
PTEN tumour suppression
Priyanka Tibarewal
Spectral conversion of light for enhanced microalgae growth rates and photosynthetic pigment production
Seyedeh Fatemeh (Farnaz) Mohsenpour
Studying the regulation of the activity of the tumour suppressor and lipid phosphatase PTEN
Laura Spinelli